At the end of 1970s, a Japanese business team came to the main production area of cashmere in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Tibet, Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia, Shanxi, Hebei, Shaanxi, Shandong and Liaoning province, they carried out a large deal of cashmere sampling work, collecting cashmere in different regions and different types, tested all the fibers by instruments, then got the Fiber index, such us fineness, length, whiteness, waviness, scale structure --- and so on, they analyzed and compared all the index carefully. In addition, they took back some fibre each type to Japan and made them into sweaters. Finally they concluded that cashmere of Alashan, ARBAS, and Erlang in Inner Mongolia is the best for its fineness, length, whiteness…etc. The related product gives very comfortable use experience. its hand feel is super soft, its luster is luxury and pure.

The Japanese businessmen were so delighted, and decided to build the production base in Inner Mongolia. After negotiation, they agreed to cooperate with IK Zhao League Textile Company at that time to invest a factory in Dong sheng city in the way of compensation trade. Then the first cashmere factory in China was born in Inner Mongolia.

Since then, Inner Mongolia finished the history which only exported the raw cashmere and primary carding cashmere, started the deep processing of cashmere resources, the high quality cashmere in Inner Mongolia becomes popular over the world. Then the Famous fashion brands worldwide came to Inner Mongolia. It created a glorious history of cashmere production in Inner Mongolia. In 1989, the first piece of cashmere scarf and cashmere blanket came out in Hohhot, the capital of Inner Mongolia.

The founder of Inner Mongolia Winning Textile Co., Ltd., Ms Yang Gui Zhi is a textile technician. She participated in the whole process of experiment and production of cashmere scarf &shawl&blanket, she is one of the first technicians who invented cashmere scarves and cashmere blankets. Due to the limitation of China's economic environment at that time, expensive cashmere products were mainly exported. And at the beginning, it was mainly exported to Japan.

As a young technician, by the chance to have been working with Japanese customers, she was influenced by their serious, meticulous, trustworthy working spirit, She developed a good professional working habit and has insisted this habits for more than 30 years. This helps her become a senior textile expert, and finally became a successful entrepreneur.

This professional spirit, like a seed, planted in the heart of every member of Winning, gradually formed the company culture and management idea: Make each piece of product in top quality with our professional skills and dedication. Keep Professional , Concentrated, Dedicated!

This management idea has given us huge rewards. Over the past more than 10 years, we have served dozens of famous brands both at home and abroad, won the trust of all our customers. By production practice, We found out a set of distinctive raw material ratio and production processing technology. The products provide customers not only comfort and warmth, but also fashion, nice taste and high cost performance ratio. Our products, from the raw material to the commodity, need to go through 66 delicate processes, and each process has professional knowledge, concentration and dedication in of our team!