Inner Mongolia Winning Textile Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. She is a professional cashmere products company, which integrates design, development, production and marketing of cashmere scarves and shawls mainly, also involving cashmere, wool, blended sweater, pants, underwear, blankets, and some other textile products.

We always adhere to our company philosophy “Dedicate us to warm your life”

We focus on customer requirements to carry out production and business activities.

Our company built our base of raw material and production in Inner Mongolia, where is the best cashmere material production area in the world.

Relying on Shanghai's leading position in China's economy, we set up our company design and marketing center in Shanghai, to develop our styles, connect the whole China and Overseas for business from Shanghai.

Inner Mongolia Winning Textile Co., Ltd. is located in Hohhot city at the foot of Yinshan mountain. Inner Mongolia has rich and high-quality cashmere material, China has cashmere raw material 60% of world's total quantity, while Inner Mongolia has over 50% of China’s total.

Cashmere, with its very excellent fiber performance, it is taken as "soft gold" , "fiber jewel" among kinds of textile fibre. Very famous Alashan goats, ARBAS goats and Erlang mountain goats in the world are all living in Inner Mongolia Plateau. Their hair called cashmere is the king fibre because of its fineness, super length and pure whiteness.

Our factory uses this cashmere material to produce scarves, shawl… ect. Naturally our products are characterized by special soft luster, luxury elegance, and very cosy silky hand touch.

Constantly analyzing the market and constantly developing new products are the engine of our development. Over these years, we are committed to product development.

Along with the trend of scarf and shawl more fashionable, personalization, functional, flimsy in recent years, we have developed a series of super thin products in pure cashmere, wool and its blended.

We developed the natural perfect characteristics of cashmere to the extreme and make out a product called “Ring shawl scarf”. With exquisite workmanship, it is ultimate and very popular by consumers home and abroad.

Meanwhile, we use the high quality camel hair (the fineness is less than 17.5 micron) from Alashan area in Inner Mongolia to produce camel shawl and some camel blended products, For these products, which color and luster are soft, styles looks graceful, the hand feel are exquisite, the quality is natural and green.

It is worth mentioning that, since 2007, our company has developed a series of Yak scarf &shawl cooperating with a French company. These Yak products, which have conquered the short thick fiber of the Yak's character, overcame the technical difficulties to make the Yak products lighter and thinner. The products have been sold to Europe and America popularly.

The philosophy “Dedicate us to warm your life”, it is our promise forever!

Our brand Arrancio, derived from Italian, means orange, as color orange gives a feeling of comfort and warmth. The brand was born in 2008. In the same year, our company was collaborated with Hong Kong An shi International Group, the Hongkong senior designer joined in, we made cashmere, wool scarf & shawl as our main products, created Arrancio image.

We seek the essence of the fibres, then integrate into our product quality.

We are adhering to make high top quality products to carve our brand logo elegant.

We use 66 delicate processes to create simplicity.

Cashmere - we select the best quality material from Inner Mongolia China.

Wool - we choose Merino wool from Australian and some Lambs wool (fineness below 18 micron) from Inner Mongolia China.

Every piece of our Arrancio products explains our Winning team how professional, concentrated and dedicated is!