Professional skills:

We seek the essence of textile fibers we used with our professional spirit, and integrate it into the quality.

Cashmere, we choose the best quality of raw material from Alashan goats, ARBAS goats and Erlang mountain goats in Inner Mongolia. It is hand picked from the goats, the traditional picking way keeps the good properties of the fibers.

Wool, according to product needs, we choose Australian Merino wool and lambs wool of Inner Mongolia, which the fineness is less than 18 microns.

Some other raw material --- We choose only depending on its natural and green concept.

We use 66 delicate processes to create warmth, comfort and simplicity.

Our team is a group of the experts who engaged in the design and production of cashmere products for more than 30 years. We have a clear division for responsibility. Everyone of our team is doing the best and cooperated closely. We always adhere to make high top quality products for our customers.

Perfect combination of semi-mechanical and semi–manual production mode, 66 delicate processes, and natural properties of the raw materials give the customers a very comfortable and warm practice.