The world Kung Fu Championship

  On August 30th, 2014, our company sponsored “ Proud of Grassland, The world Kung Fu Championship” hosted by Inner Mongolia Wu Shu and Free Combat Association, and the finals of the world's Kung Fu competition.
  This competition included a total of 8 boxers from China, Brazil, the United States, France, Spain and so on.
  The event was fully in line with international standards, and adopted the latest implementation rules specified by the National Wushu Administration Center.
  As Tong Guang hua, the director of this Competition, said, "this event will leave a strong memory of Inner Mongolia in the history of martial arts." Participated in such event sponsorship, one side is, we as a local enterprise in Inner Mongolia, which gave encouragement and support to the high level Mongolia Free Combat project in China. On the other side, this kind of fight sports, represented the perseverance and spirit of our enterprise.

The Spring Festival Gala of Chinese poetry in 2018

  The Spring Festival Gala of Chinese poetry in 2018 was hosted by Inner Mongolia Radio& Television Station and Hohhot Poetry Society, The party was held on February 3rd, 2018 in the 1400 square meter of Broadcasting Hall of Inner Mongolia Television station in Hohhot. This is the Inner Mongolia branch of National Spring Festival Gala of Chinese poetry.
  The famous poets, writers, litterateurs and public?figures in Inner Mongolia were gathered together.The party was strongly supported by the Propaganda Department, the Broadcasting and TV Studios,the Literary Federation and the Agency for Cultural Affairs.   In the party, Ms Fang Qing, ever worked in Inner Mongolia people's Broadcasting and Television Station, wearing our shawl designed by our Mongolian designer with lucky pattern propitious cloud, it is soft and auspicious,   Beyond the pots and pans in present life, there should be poetry and the far afield. A company with social responsibilities will not only pursue profits, but also be a messenger of Chinese cultural dissemination. We are willing to start from the purest poetry. This is the original intention of our co - operation for this party.