We cherish all customers. From product appearance to process design, we provide detailed design planning according to different customer requirements. Each customer will be served by an experienced professional team to make customers satisfied beyond their expectation.

At present, we have a professional team made of independent scarf designers and technical experts. We can produce unique distinctive styles of scarves and shawls ordered by customers.

Customer service projects:

◆ Targeted development and design of various products, including all kinds of scarves, shawls, home textiles, yarn and so on.

◆ Exclusive design of pattern and Ornamentation? (including hand-painted patterns) according to customer needs.

◆ Provide exclusive apparel collocation and design for all garments companies and brands.

◆ Customized services such as company activities, classmate parties, Wedding and birthday ceremony …etc, including printing     LOGO or other special symbols on products.

◆ Scarf customization for kids.